Business School Interview Preparation

                            You have seven seconds to make a first impression. Don’t be nervous! In our Interview Preparation program, we will work with you to present your best self during your business school interviews. We will review commonly asked questions, and help you brainstorm responses that reflect who you are as an individual and why you stand out from other applicants. We will review your verbal and nonverbal communication skills, cover how to handle challenging questions, and coach you on how to recover from a faux pas. After strategizing, we will put you to the test with mock interviews. You’ll walk away ready and excited to leave a lasting impression.

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                            Work 1-on-1 with a Graduate Coach to prepare for your interviews

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                            Work 1-on-1 with a Former Admissions Officer to prepare for your interviews

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                            Personal, Dedicated Graduate Coach from Top MBA Program ?
                            Personal, Dedicated Former Admissions Officer from Top MBA Program ?
                            Video Chat Strategy Session 1 with Graduate Coach 1 with Former Admissions Officer
                            Mock Interviews 2 with Graduate Coach 2 with Former Admissions Officer
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